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The Lokel Market South Bay of Los Angeles

The Lokel Market is all about bringing local businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and artists together while promoting the culture. 


Any donation to our community booth Beauty 2 the Streets with Shirley will receive (1) free beer, LAFC 3252 will be hosting a viewing party in the Lobby and The Lokel Market will be occupying the warehouse space.


Time of Events

11am - Setup and Sound Check

1pm - Lokel Market Begins/1st performance

1:30pm - LAFC VS Kansas City viewing party in Taproom

               (Hosted by: District 9 Ultras)

               1st raffle/2nd performance

2:00pm -  2nd raffle/3rd performance

2:30pm - 3rd Raffle/4th performance

3:00pm -  5th performance

3:30pm - 6th performance

4:00pm - 7th performance

4:30pm - 8th performance

5pm - Event Ends



Hosted by The Lokel Show, Luis Garcia & Mr Fully

Food curated by AC Boral of Rice and Shine Brunch

Drinks provided by Common Space Brewery

Sounds Curated by Jean K

Video/Photography coverage by Karen Capalaran and ARA Photography





Rice and Shine Brunch




Onyx Straps



Your path to becoming a better weightlifter starts with proper technique and equipment. Weightlifting straps allows you to train past your grip’s capacity to hold onto the bar. Leather straps allows for that barbell to sit comfortably in your hands so they don’t hurt (as much). The last thing you want to think about is how uncomfortable it feels in your hand. You should be thinking about your lift.





Capture the Memory-Capture the Moment-Capture the Now.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life Cokreeate  offers services from 3D scanning, to digital creating your concept and ideas, and bringing it to life with 3D printing.  



London James



PorcelainSneakerhead is an exclusive line of ceramic sneaker-art created and operated by London James, a Los Angeles based female ceramist. PorcelainSneakerhead merges a love for ceramic art with a passion for sneakers by recreating iconic kicks in porcelain form. 


Lipstick Girl Gang



Empowering women around the world to be their own kind of beautiful through life changing skincare and cosmetics. Proudly sharing the media-famous LipSense lip color by SeneGence.  


City 2 City Clothing



Danny runs City2CityClothingCo, a clothing line inspired by street art music and culture 


Stephy's Boutique OC



I strive to bring affordable makeup and accesories to my community. My page is not just about selling makeup it is about empowering women every step of the way.  


Assist Clothing




Brandon 'Pro Logik'



Located in Orange County, we provide rare and vintage eyewear with original lenses, custom lenses or prescription lenses by request. Also repairs and cleaning services. 





Wrapped In Meditation was started by Leah in 2013. All pieces are designed using natural stones & crystals, quality metals (i.e. copper & sterling silver), and sometimes hemp.  


Kristen Jacks

Vibrationally Attuned

Kristen Jackson is a woman that lives in deep communion with spirit and remains in constant conversation with the natural world. She is a conduit of the divine. It is the fierce love of humanity that governs her walk in the healing way.  



Beauty 2 The Streetz


Shirley assists the homeless community through showers, hygiene kits and service.




Rae Kiaha



Creative expression has always allowed me to feel free. Growing up I turned to drawing, painting, poetry and dance as a way to express my feelings that I could not put into words. Being able to release those frustrations and joys in life allows me to stay in a positive mind frame and to continuously evolve into my best self. I’m blessed that I was able to learn the power of what creating art has been able to do for my overall well being and hope to always inspire those around me.


Nevyn Matthews

I’m Nevyn, I go by Nev. I’m 21 and I’m a photographer, graphic designer, creative director and I enjoy creating feels. I want my work to hit home. 


Matt Reyes



I’m a professional photographer / vape business owner. I make people’s visions come to life and help the community by educating them on smoking/vaping.  





NO KURFEW is the premiere curatorial lifestyle brand & platform for progressive and emerging creatives to collaborate and publish creative/artistic work. In addition to creating a space for creatives to share ideas with fellow artists and the larger public, this platform showcases creatives who aim to bring a distinct, and diverse approach to the way the public views their crafts.





Matthew Romasanta is a photographer based in Mid City Los Angeles. His work juxtaposes the rough and gritty nature of urban trap culture with the soft and inviting tones of a pastel color palette. He aims to highlight the idea of how this destructive/self-destructive lifestyle is glorified and is marketed to the public masses and to the youth. 





Born and raised in Orange County. Self-taught artist. It's been 2 years since I've actually started selling my work and accepting commissions. I have always been a strong believer in continuous improvement. Just an artist who is trying to evolve through creativity. 




The Musical Doc



Fueled by inspiration and innovation, The Musical Doc brings to life a genre of music that incorporates diversity, soul, and higher consciousness. Her creativity in composition, performance, and teaching has broken barriers and resonates with audiences around the world. Being a musician and an actual medical doctor, The Musical Doc aspires to inspire and empower women, men, and children around the globe, through education, awareness and artistic expression.





“Substantially relatable art that transcends listeners to a place of reflection, Mai moods speaks volumes about self love, relationships, and appreciating life and all that comes with it. There’s a song for EVERY mood and EVERY one 


Suspect Ed




Nuglife Productions









P Jones



I go by the name Peasant Jones and I am a Recording Artist from Los Angeles, CA. I have been making music for about 14 years now and performed alongside the likes of many legendary artists. Other than writing music, I also enjoy spending time with my son, painting, and making art of different sorts. I am constantly searching for inspiration.  


Domi Young



Dominique Jerell Younger better known as “Domi Young” ( Artist/ producer ) was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico raised in Oceanside California. “Domi” was named after the basketball legend Dominique Wilkins. The San Diego native has shared the stage with some notable lyricist in the industry and is next up!  

Today he is creating his 4th project, which is schedule to be released in September 2018. 



https://www.instagram.com/ yeahthatskaylie/ 


I'm Kaylie, born & raised in Los Angeles & I've loved music since a child. My dad is a rock/jazz artist, and my mom grew up singing in church. Listening to music like N.E.R.D, Bob Marley, Pink and Mariah Carey growing up, along with other amazing artists sparked this fire inside me. I knew this would be my life. I give a new vibe for people to enjoy, catering to several genres and flavors, I like to say it's called FEEL GOOD music. My goal with my music, is to share bits my story all while spreading love and awareness through the worlds only universal language. My EP Mood Disorder will be here my birthday, which is October 26th!

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Gallery 21 Presents: The Lokel Show
7:00 PM19:00

Gallery 21 Presents: The Lokel Show

The Lokel Market is all about bringing local businesses,  entrepreneurs, creatives and artists together while promoting the culture. 

Buy Food & Beverage packages here!

Time of Events
7pm - Doors Open
7:30pm -  1st performance & 2nd performance
8pm - 1st Raffle
8:30pm -  3rd and 4th performance
9pm - 2nd raffle
9:30pm - 3rd raffle and 5th performance
10pm - Doors Close

Hosted by The Lokel Show
Food curated by The Lokel Show & Gallery 21
Drinks provided by Infanta Lambanog
Sound Curated by TBD
Video/Photography coverage by Chris Kahn & Hannah Song

Food & Beverage Package $20
(Limited Quantity)
1 Entree provided by Chelley
1 Cocktail provided by Infanta Lambanog
1 Dessert provided by Reese's Pies
Buy Food & Beverage packages here!

Donation Package
Donate any amount and receive $2 off drinks all night!


Gallery 21


Homeless Cop

David Andrade

Rae Kiaha

Sarah Svetlana

Sean Edward Brown



The Lokel Show/Reese's Pies

Lipstick Girl Gang

Colorblind Era

City 2 City Clothing

Stephy's Boutique OC

Onyx Straps



P Jones


The Homegirl Monie

Domi Young



Buy Food & Beverage packages here!


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7:30 PM19:30

Date Night

Get ready for Date Night!

Come through with a lover, or two ;) 
May 31st, at the gypsy cafe, enjoy the smooth listenings of new-wave soul seductress Mai while eating, drinking, smoking hookah. entertainment packages can be purchased through the link in our bio and swing through for an intimate, sensory experience~


Standard Package

1 Hookah

1 Bottle of Wine

1 Choice of Appetizer: Tomato Soup, Fries, Monterella Stick or Hummus Trio

1 Choice of Entree: Falafel plate, Chicken Kabob or Chicken Swarma


VIP Package

Substitute bottle of wine for 2 Specialty Cocktails



Gyspy Cafe and The Lokel Show



Maraiya Dawn McFadden



Time of Events

7:30pm - Introductions and Announcements

7:45pm - Hookah served

8:00pm - Appetizers, Drinks and performance begins

8:30pm - Entrees served and performance continues

8:45pm - Specialty Cocktails served

9:00pm - Closing performance

9:30pm - Event finish

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1:00 PM13:00

The Lokel Market Stockton

The Lokel Market is all about bringing local businesses,  entrepreneurs, creatives and artists together while promoting the culture. 

30% of all sales will be donated to Kelly's Angels Foundation

Buy Food & Beverage packages here!

Time of Events
1pm - Doors Open
2pm - Introudctions
2:30pm - 1st performance
3pm - 1st raffle and 2nd performance
3:30pm - 2nd raffle and 3rd performance
4pm - 4th performance
4:30pm - 3rd raffle
5pm - Event moves to Papa Urbs
5:30pm  - 7:30pm - Dinner, Dessert and Drinks at Papa Urbs

Hosted by Joe x The Lokel Show
Food curated by Chelley
Vibes provided by Jehwed
Video/Photography coverage by Chris Kahn & Jason Nardis
Performances by Dima and Doyen

Food & Beverage Package $20
(Limited Quantity)
1 Entree provided by Chelley
1 Cocktail provided by Infanta Lambanog
1 Dessert provided by DREAM
Buy Food & Beverage packages here!

Donation Package
Donate any amount and receive $2 off drinks all night!


The Lokel Show

Infanta Lambanog

Lipstick Girl Gang

Stick With it

You Stockton

The Roots of Alchemy

Planted Love

Infinite 209


Buy Food & Beverage packages here!


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5:30 PM17:30

The Watering Hole DTLA

  • 1142 East 11th Street Los Angeles, CA, 90021 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

General Admission Free with reservation - RSVP here

 VIP(Unlimited Drinks + T Shirt + Hat) Presale $15 / Door $20 - Purchase Here!



Nick Nery




True Dre Blue






Jean k




LA Metro Project



Food Curated by AC Boral



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11:00 AM11:00

The Lokel Market

The Lokel Market is all about bringing local businesses together while promoting the culture. 

Classic car meet begins at 10am, if you or a friend own a classic ride, reserve a parking spot through us!

Hosted by Luis Garcia
Food curated by AC Boral x Baon Hero
Vibes provided by Jeremy J-Stylez
Video/Photography coverage by Jason Nardis
Web Series Screening by L.A. Metro Project

Food & Beverage Package $20
(Huge Discount x Food & Beverage will be Al A Carte at the Venue)
1 Entree provided by AC Boral x Baon Hero
1 Beer provided by Brewyard Beer Company LLC
1 Dessert provided by Reese's Pies
Buy Food & Beverage packages here!

Donation Package
Donate any amount and receive $2 off beers all day!

Community Service
Donate any item(s) for the Homeless at our Community booth and receive $2 off beers all day!


Buy Food & Beverage packages here!

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