Mike Suede - Host

The man, the myth, the legend, was blessed with a loud mouth the unique ability to not stay seated. He has to be loud because being mute is not an option, his voice has to be clearly heard.  With his energetic and live-wire personality, you can bet Mike Suede is hanging out somewhere in the world of black and white being a man of action in the gray zone. Having a music background, Mike Suede has been comfortable rocking the mic from an early age, becoming an artist himself. That was just a Litmus test because you can now hear him dropping mic bombs on The Lokel Show podcast. Mike hustles like an underdog and found himself successfully navigating through big business that started from the bottom now we here type ish. Heavily inspired by the entrepreneurial mindset and his love for music and creative arts, it became a perfect melting pot for the creation of the podcast. A way to provide a platform for those who are building something greater than themselves. 

Hannah Smalls - Host

Our lovely little ray of pitch black, she really puts the HA in Hannah with her infectious laugh. This Los Angeles native is an owner of a magical crystal ball that always knows when you are full of shit. Born in the year of the snake under the sign of the virgin, she loves to indulge in insatiable wanderlust. She spends her time in urban exploration and immersing herself in nature. Although she loves chasing sunsets and is in constant search of beautiful, natural light, her favorite place is the black room—it is here where she converts negative things into beautiful stories. She’s fascinated by the many ways you can tell a story, especially in a visual and digital time such as ours! Her greatest joy is to be surrounded by those who inspire and motivate her and she’s at her best when working with other creative minds. A jack of all trades, she’s a true master of gluttony.

Fun fact: she will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.



Lo Delgado - Host

Her name is Lauren, but you can call her Lo. A master of sass with a penchant for witty debates and “reading” the room, Lo always has something to say – and she’ll always say it. A native Angeleno, she keeps LA near and dear to her little hamster heart. And though she’s got some stories to tell, she’d really rather hear yours. Don’t let her sour patch kid exterior fool you. She’s a softie inside - especially for a good redemption story. In addition to her role with the TLS super crew, she’s also a registered lobbyist, dabbles in real estate and is known to throw a major Filipino food festival here and there…But did she actually put the “Lo” in the Lokel Show? Guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

Brother Guru - Audio Engineer

The wind slapping your face while riding your Harley in the morning can be a wake up call for most people but Brother Guru loves to call it inspiration. He enjoys getting his music feels from everyday life. A hidden gem in the industry, Brotha Guru is your favorite speakeasy, as his passion is hard to find. 

Always working towards progression, he is a musician, beat maker and producer. Brotha Guru is a seeker of all things chill. When he's not curating music on The Lokel show he's creating it in his room. Currently residing in the Big Apple living the east coast dream.



RHIPS - Creative Strategist

Andrés Rivera is a Hip Hop Poet & Graphic Design Strategist. Under the pen name of RHIPS meaning, resting humbly in poetry and song, he turns poetic protest into portals of transformation, love & leadership. He is also the founder of Poems & Petals--a civic engagement, creative placemaking event that celebrate creative self expression using poetry & the gift of a flower to reimagine the use of public space. And, he is the co founder of the Inner City Dwellers a bilingual hip hop crew and Hip Hop Gives - a music festival with the mission to help keep young people creative and physically active. Catch him sharing words at community events, colleges, high schools, juvenile detention camps, across the U.S. and abroad. As the founder and the Creative Director of Street Inc Media, a design strategy and digital marketing consultancy, he utilizes the design thinking processes to comprehensively surface unique solutions for the communications challenges faced by organizations that are constantly seeking growth. He strives diligently to amplify cause based projects, and corporate social responsibility initiatives across sector for nonprofit organizations, start ups & the entertainment industry.


Patrick Manalo - writer & content producer

He’s a creative who can make you crave late-night street tacos after busting your belly over a 2-hour, all-you-can-eat dinner (which is probably also his suggestion). It is not only his food-porn photography and writing that make your mouth water, but it is also his desire to portray the culture, people, and story behind food that draw you in to experience food in a new way. An LA native, Patrick has an undying love for Los Angeles as a city full of culture and diversity. Through his content creation, he hopes to add bright halos to the fellow Angelinos with untold stories and hustles worth noting. As an avid explorer, he welcomes you to join him and ride shotgun while cruising the LA streets, bumping hip hop beats, and searching for the tastiest eats. No matter what he’s doing, where he is, or who he’s with, Patrick is full of positive, good vibes. He is the gut feeling you can trust.

Evan - vIDEOgrapher, photographer, editor


Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, he is an expert in creating good vibes and getting the job done. Specializing in videography of all formats, he has worked for numerous companies in the music industry. If he's not shooting video or taking photos, you can find him tour managing your favorite artist at a major musical festival across the country. He is also a huge lover of basketball, where he has been hired by BallisLife to shoot video of the latest cross overs and dunks of the best basketball players in the world. His main goal in any situation is to create a positive environment and to make everyone feel included. If you need some life advice or just a friend to talk to, he's your man.

Lucy Wang - Public Relations


A living, breathing, epicurean. She's a storyteller, a genuine relationship builder, and a foodie through and through. When she's not touring around the world finding amazing eateries, she's dancing to kpop; and if you don't see her in dance studios then she's most likely glued onto a spreadsheet - hey don't look at us, she likes spreadsheets!

Marco aNTONIO - Public Relations


Born x raised in LA, he embodies the aura of the city through his creative vibrations. With his relentless dedication as a meticulous designer, he radiates humble vibes through his creativity, playful personality, and mindful inspiration. His ease of connecting transcends every age group, ethnicity, background, and status. He is also internationally recognized as a former competitive b-boy turned lululemon brand ambassador & the founder of Salamat Yoga.