Michelle Dimasaca - operations

Southside Stockton, CA native, Michelle Dimasaca is known for her contagious smile, welcoming personality, and her wonderful take on Filipino food. Growing up in a neighborhood that doesn’t have any sidewalks and no one thinks twice about while passing through, has instilled a strong sense of community which has driven her to want to give back in everything she does especially with her food. Being Filipino, it’s ingrained in her DNA to always want to feed those that are around. She sees food as a way to bridge gaps, open conversations, and generate connections all around. Not everything about her is serious though, she’s definitely got an outgoing personality that’s partnered with a goofy sense of humor that will make anyone at the very least, smile. Pop-up chef/cook/activist, she’s a woman of all trades that’s as genuine and real as they come. Forever on the go, you’ll find her at Papa Urb’s Grill whipping up bomb ass Filipino food eats, the local farmers markets shopping for new ingredients, and at Lokel Show events representing what she’s about. Let’s be honest, she’s out to make Stockton known for something other than the Diaz brothers; she’s got the drive and personality to do it too!

Joseph Belasco - operations

As South Side Stockton’s native born son, Joseph Belasco (also known as Joeshmoe) is no stranger to his community and supporting local. His work on numerous projects and local markets have sparked a solar flare of interest within him. Inspired by people and creative minds, Joseph Belasco hopes to shine light wherever he goes. As Facilities Manager, Joseph Belasco is always one step ahead, making sure that every loose end is tightened and every hem is properly sewn. Don’t let his undeniable good looks fool you, Joeshmoe is ready for work and willing to get his hands dirty. Raised by an immigrant mother and native born Stocktonian father, he inherited strong roots.  Like these roots, he loves to dig down into the native soil and find new opportunities to grow, for himself and for others.


Alberto Tayag - PHOTOGRAPHER


Born in the heart of Manila, Philippines, Alberto Tayag migrated to the US at the age of 11.  He spent his teenage years in Oregon then moved to California and called it home for more than half his life. He wears a lab coat, maneuvering robots in the lab all week long as an environmental scientist. On weekends he loves to explore the city and elsewhere capturing random subjects from street art to interesting people, food, and happenings. As a young boy, it was his lifelong dream to be a photographer, looking up to his grandfather who always carried a camera around. Saving up and eventually owning his first camera was a significant milestone in his life, but it has never stopped there as he wants to be a life-long student of the craft. As big as his appetite for Filipino Silogs and a constant cup of extra rice, the same goes for his appetite for learning and experiencing more in life. An advocate of innovation, and always on the search for creative inventions, Alberto is thankful as his once hobby to shoot has allowed him to contribute to the thriving creative inventors of this time by being  part of the amazing team, The Lokel Show.

Dawin mok - videographer


He calls himself The Broke Filmmaker! From his troubled past growing up in the south side of Stockton to evolving into one of the city’s most influential filmmakers, Dawin is no stranger to taking on the most challenging tasks. Hardened by the streets, humbled by family. With a background in street culture and a passion for visual arts, he uses his craft to help promote and showcase local businesses. In a city with a very bad rep that most people turned their backs on, Dawin chooses to stay and confronts all forms of negativity that hinders his city’s progress. While it’s an uphill battle you’d best believe you can find him and the rest of the team making that steep ascent to the top with Stockton on their backs.

SAMUEL Altamirano - photographer


Born and Raised in North Stockton. Samuel Altamirano also known as (Sambo) is a Photographer who has endless ideas of creativity when he's with his camera. Being from Stockton helps Samuel stay humble. Samuel loves to help others from his city grow with his love for photography. He's helped many local brands and creatives in his city. If you need a photographer Samuel has the vision.

Kayty DiBitetetto - Writer


Raised in a big family and having three adopted sisters with Down Syndrome, Kayty began special needs volunteer work at a young age. Growing up alongside the disabled community she realized early on, that her passion is to guide these special children. Born in Virginia and living in New York, this east coast girl set off for college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then, on a leap of faith, she transferred to the University of Hawaii (Oahu), where she majored in Special Education and Elementary Education, continuing to volunteer within her ohana neighborhood. Now residing in Tracy, California, she assists special needs families as a Respite Homecare Provider, and also as an RBT in the city’s Downtown Autism clinic. Having her own two kids involved in local sports and children’s events, it keeps her eager and driven, to explore all the things “typical” eyes take for granted. Striving everyday to make a difference in young lives, by introducing them and their families out into a safe loving community, she has finally found a place to call home.