Johnny Trulove - Host

Johnny Trulove lives the Scorpio spirit , having a playful soul, a mysterious charm, and once you get past his tough outer shell you'll find a softie inside. Growing up a military brat in diverse urban communities such as Staten Island,  LA and San Diego definitely impacted his love for amazing cultures. He is drawn into the passion of the common person and loves to excel in the real rawness of life. Johnny is a positivity engager who is easily amused and entertained, also a risk taker, but more importantly a vibe starter who seeks great conversation and laughs with everyone that inspires him. He received a B.S. in Psychobiology at UCLA that enables him to  look at life through scientific lens. He never believes you fail in life as long as you discover the things that don’t work about you. Currently a part owner of PB Pokéhouse, selling award-winning poké in San Diego.  As a host for The Lokel Show, Johnny plans to become a carpenter to build doors for others to open when opportunity knocks.  Johnny may be colorblind and radioactive, but it doesn’t stop him from living a colorful life and sharing it with others. Keep it movin! 

EMARK Carpio - Digital Media

Fking Emark, wow, seriously or stuupid is what you'll likely say to this guy. Emark is one of the few who held a position as a carpenter, engineer, videographer and a graphic designer. At this point in his life he just wants to get shit done and get paid so he can snowboard, mountain bike, overland or surf without going to the hospital or flipping his truck (again). He’s probably also the most blunt person you'll ever meet.



Dominick Figueroa - Photographer

San Diego born and raised, data analyst by trade and adventure seeker through life. Too curious for his own good, Dominick is currently about anything and everything that enhances his journey. You can usually find this guy around body of water, whether it be swimming, fishing, or surfing. Or he'll be somewhere on a mountain either sliding on snow or hugging trees. You'll even find him in a tent, running away from the masses. Always opting for the outdoors, he picked up a camera to document moments that he hopes will resonate with you. Always learning, always vibin, always expanding, you'll probably have a common interest or hobby with this guy...if not you eventually will.

Chris OCHOA - Videographer


Born and raised in Chula Vista, always looking to collab with creatives. When hes not behind a computer, you can find him at the beach or nearest skatepark. He's worked with a variety of music artists, food businesses, nightclubs, etc. Got hooked onto cameras at an early age when skateboarding was all he dreamt of. Since then photography and videography have been his passion. Grateful for the journey that photography and film has brought him and we can not wait to see what his future has in store for him. Always smiling and in a good mood,theres nothing that can get in his way when it comes to having a productive day.

jeremy del rosario - dj


DJ J-Stylez’s takes his audience on a versatile multi-genre musical journey. From opening and preforming with numerous headliners, to preforming at the hottest venues and events, J-Stylez is always prepared to put on a show. With an audio-visual educational background, he sets the stage for a never before seen experience. DJ J-Stylez is available now to plan, preform, and take your party on a euphonic voyage of sound fusion.