The Lokel Show is a community-driven platform for individuals to share their experiences.

Our mission is to use our familiarity and access with the people and entrepreneurs in our areas to connect our audience with local businesses, bring community together, and to foster organic relationships between all levels of involvement: commerce to consumer and culture to community.


The lokel philosophy

By definition a local is an individual or thing belonging to a specific area. And within that area, wherever it may be, the local dynamic is a unique eco-system that focuses on and ensures that the area flourishes.

Any area can be a neighborhood, but not every neighborhood can be a community. Because what makes a community is a sense of solidarity in purpose, with its prosperity being most important. For The Lokel Show, we are an extension of community, providing a platform for individuals to share their experiences and relate with an audience that bookends a connection interwoven with commerce, culture, and camaraderie. As a voice for the community, The Lokel Show is also focused on dialogue to uplift and excavate individual truths to encourage and inspire all locals. 

As a feature of our unique platform, we also serve as a full-service agency that bolsters and stimulates businesses through strategic branding and winning creativity. 

By locals, for locals — the mission is done together.